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By collective team On January 02, 2008 At 2:55 PM

Welcome to LaB Letters

John Lloyd & Bea Collective's activity for the month of February 2008.

We thought it would be great to send messages or letters to John Lloyd and Bea to show your support and/or simply just send them your wishes this 2008. Here are the details on how to send messages and the rules.


1. Your message or letter can be in text, visual or art form.

2. Text message must be no longer than 300 words since we would like to fit everyone's message in our compilation.

3. Artworks or banners must be no bigger than 120KB in size. Recommended pixel size is: 410 x 280 pixels.

4. Include your name or nickname in the message.

5. Your message content may include:

  • Wishes for John Lloyd and/or Bea this 2008
  • Dream roles for the their loveteam or for their solo movies/tv projects
  • Projects outside TV and movies such as international shows, mini concerts in your province; or
  • Just a short note to say hi to them.

We will try to fit all messages as we can. However, we reserve the right to cut down or not print your message if it does not follow the above rules.

Send your messages to the following email address:

Subject heading: LaB letter to John Lloyd and/or Bea from [your name]

Format of Message:

Name/Nickname and Age:


Message: Text (no longer than 300 words); OR attached artwork (no bigger than 120KB, at most 410 x 280 pixels)


We will then be sending the compiled letters to John Lloyd and Bea on or before February 28, 2008 for them to read. Feedback from John Lloyd & Bea will be posted in the site and in the forum.

Thank you to everyone who will take part of this activity. Your support for John Lloyd & Bea and this site is greatly appreciated.

- Shopgirl

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