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By collective team On June 10, 2007 At 1:17 PM

Guests, welcome to the new John Lloyd & Bea Collective site. I hope you like the new layout/design. There's a lot (about Bea & John Lloyd) here so enjoy navigating through it.

I would like to give credit to the following people whose works are a part of this site:

Karla & Cecei, for all the video clips and constantly moderating the forum;
Trina & Malou, for the ktext messages and updates;
Jeng, for the LaB videoclips;
Marrah, who will be helping me with future designs;
Eunice & Jinggay, for their literary works & reviews;
08_tintin, for the filmography, pressroom & multimedia banners;
LaBers, whose works and contributions are also included in this site;
Bea & Beyond Group and BEAutiful site, for some information about Bea Alonzo.

All images and multimedia used in the site are copyrighted to their respective owners. No infringement intended.

To contact John Lloyd and Bea Collective, email us at or you may visit our forum to post your comments or suggestions about the site.

Thank you & continue to spread the LaB!


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